Values and Ethos

  • Our vision is of a school where all succeed.
  • Where all feel included and welcome.
  • Where high expectations are shared and communicated.
  • Where inquiry, innovation, independent thought and risk taking are valued.
  • Where diversity is celebrated.
  • Where respect for self, others and the environment are central to life in school.
  • Where all have a voice and a share in the success of all.

At Hollickwood we aim to

  • Be a caring, inclusive learning community that nurtures young learners
  • Enable all our children to attain the highest standards in all areas of learning
  • Inspire children to set challenges for themselves and aim high in life and learning
  • Develop young minds that are questioning and open to new ideas and knowledge
  • Nurture respect, and positive regard for all members of our community
  • Provide learning experiences that are stimulating, engaging and memorable
  • Equip young leaners with skills they will need in their futures
  • Commit to ongoing self-evaluation, innovation and improvement